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21 May 2013 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.0.4 for ClueGO 2.0.4 and Cytoscape 3.0.1.
    icon   CluePedia (has to be used with ClueGO 2.0.5!) now supports PSICQUIC services. Additional services can manually added following the instructions in the psicquic-services.props file in the ./cluegoplugin/v2.0.5 folder. The PSICQUIC interactions can be downloaded for all genes/proteins or only for the selected ones from the network. Just select the genes of interest and click the refresh button. Then select the PSICQUIC service and click 'Get' to download the respective interactions.
29 April 2013 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.0.4 for ClueGO 2.0.4 and Cytoscape 3.0.1.
    icon   CluePedia was verified to work with Cytoscape 3.0.1 and the correlation chart layout was improved.
16 April 2013 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.0.3 for ClueGO 2.0.3 and Cytoscape 3.0.0.
    icon   Some bug fixes. A refresh button is added to avoid a cytoscape restart in case new files were externally added to CluePedia. Correlation charts can be displayed on edges when data is loaded. CluePedia should be always used with its corresponding ClueGO version!
27 February 2013 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.0.2, release for ClueGO 2.0.2 and Cytoscape 3.0.0.
    icon   CluePedia supports now again the Cerebral Layout function provided by Cerebral. Some bug fixes and improvements. External network files can be now directly imported into CluePedia.
4 February 2013 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.0.1 for Cytoscape 3.0.0 final release can be downloaded.
    icon   Some bugs were fix.
7 January 2013 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.2.1 was released.
    icon   Some bugs were fixed.
    icon   Expression data from zip archives can be uploaded.  
13 December2012 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.0.0 for Cytoscape 3.0.0 final was released.
    icon   Enrichment based on positive or negative correlation.
10 December2012 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia v1.2 was released.
29 November 2012 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia plug-in v1.1 is now available running with Cytoscape 2.8 and ClueGO 1.6
    icon   Some Bugs fixed.
    icon   Enrich for Hubs.
    icon   IntAct and MiMi information added.
    icon   Automatic IntAct update is now available.
14 November 2012 CluePedia
    icon   CluePedia works with Cytoscape 3.0.0 beta1.
11 October 2012 CluePedia
    icon   The first release of the CluePedia Plugin can be downloaded now
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