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28 November 2018 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO functions are now REST enabled, and allow the integration of ClueGO in analytical pipelines.
21 May 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v2.0.5, release for Cytoscape 3.0.0.
    icon   A new ClueGO feature was added to visualize the significance level besides the grouping and two cluster comparison. A bug fix for the KEGG update. The general performance was improved.
5 May 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v1.8, release for Cytoscape 2.8.
    icon   Some bug fixes.
29 April 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v2.0.4, release for Cytoscape 3.0.0.
    icon   ClueGO bug fixed (ClueGO window had to be canceld to finalize analysis with Cytoscape 3.0.1).
16 April 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v2.0.3, release for Cytoscape 3.0.0.
    icon   Some bug fixes. Closing ClueGO (sub-)network windows will now automatically clean up the system. A refresh button is added to avoid a cytoscape restart in case new files were externally added to ClueGO.
27 February 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v2.0.2, release for Cytoscape 3.0.0.
    icon   Some bug fixes and changes to fit CluePedia 1.0.2.
04 February 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v2.0.1 for Cytoscape 3.0.0 final release can be downloaded.
    icon   Some bugs were fixed.
7 January 2013 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v1.7.1 was released.
    icon   Some bugs were fixed
13 December2012 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v2.0.0 for Cytoscape 3.0.0 final was released.
    icon   The selection of the group leader term was improved to avoid duplicates in group names and in the overview chart.
10 December2012 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO v1.7 was released.
29 November 2012 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO plug-in version 1.6 is now available running with Cytoscape 2.8.
    icon   The evidence code can be visualized as edge label in combination with CluePedia.
    icon   Bug fixed: select and visualize all experimental codes.
    icon   Bug fixed: save ClueGO results button.
    icon   ClueGO result plots can be saved as svg.
    icon   New organism files can be automatically downloaded.
14 November 2012 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO works with Cytoscape 3.0.0 beta1.
11 October 2012 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO plug-in version 1.5 is now available running with the latest version of Cytoscape (2.8).
    icon   New organisms were included. ClueGO supports now 23 organisms.
    icon   New ontology sources are added.
    icon   Specific GO subtrees can be defined as an ontology by the user.
    icon   Annotations for all organisms are updated.
    icon   The update of Reactome can be done automatically.
    icon   New identifiers can be used.
    icon   The type of id is recognized automatically.
    icon   The ncbi annotation used for id mapping can be updated automatically.
    icon   New annotations and example files can be downloaded automatically.
    icon   For stats, the reference used to calculate the significance of the terms can be, beside the selected ontologies, a set of ClueGO predefined IDs or the user's custom set.
    icon   The user has the possibility to visualize only significant terms in the network.
    icon   A memory bar estimates the remaining free memory for ClueGO.

    icon   In combination with CluePedia, experimental and in silico data can be together visualized in a network.
    icon   New visualization features are available: networks of genes and miRNAs, networks of terms and genes, genes associated to a term/pathway can be explored in nested networks, expression data can be shown etc.
    icon   Interrelations between genes/miRNAs can be calculated from custom experimental data.

14 February 2011 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO plug-in version 1.4 is now available running with the latest version of Cytoscape (2.8). Annotations for most of the organisms are updated.
18 Mai 2010 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO plug-in version 1.3 is now available running with Cytoscape 2.7.
9 December 2009 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO plug-in version 1.2.2 is now available. GOslim was included in ClueGO. Other ontologies can be easily included by specifying their url in the .property file of the organism of interest. New types of identifiers are available (e.g. Protein IDs, Ensembl IDs).
23 July 2009 ClueGO
    icon   ClueGO plug-in version 1.2 is now available. A problem with the update function was fixed and The Plant Ontology was added for Arabidopsis and Oryza sp.
25 March 2009 ClueGO
    icon   A new version of ClueGO plug-in 1.1.1 is available due to the format change of the GO annotation for Homo sapiens. The automatic update function for Homo sapiens should work again.
20 Oct 2008 ClueGO
    icon   The first release of the ClueGO Plugin can be downloaded now
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