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Cordeliers Research Center

Integrative Cancer Immunology Laboratory
Jérôme Galon, PhD

ICI Team

We aim to understand tumor progression and immune reaction against cancer by using integrative biology and bioinformatics, to improve the therapeutic management of cancer patients.

We hypothesize that integrative biology approaches will provide a better knowledge of the local interplay between the immune components and the tumor cells. Research projects are focusing on the analysis of immune response against cancer with basic and clinical aspects.

Selected publications, awards and projects

NEJM    Science    Immunity    SciTranslMed    ColeyAward    Immuno-oncology


15.03.2016    Immunoscore is a stronger predictor of patient survival than MSI was published in Immunity

24.02.2016    Lymphatic vessel density and immune cytotoxicity prevent metastatic invasion was published in Science Translational Medicine

22.10.2014    The 2014 Annual Baruj Benacerraf Lecture in Immunology will be given by Jérôme Galon

3.07.2014    Natural and therapy-induced anticancer immunosurveillance: the Immunoscore. Symposium Paris, France

19.03.2014    Genomic Alterations and Lymphocyte Proliferation in Tumors was published in Science Translational Medicine

17.10.2013    The Immune Landscape in Colorectal Cancer was published in Immunity

20.11.2011    Jérôme Galon received the Gallet et Breton Award of National Academy of Medicine

07.07.2011    Jérôme Galon received the Cancer Research Award of Simone et Cino del Duca Foundation

26.01.2011    Bernhard Mlecnik received the Jean et Madeleine Schaeverbeke Award

18.01.2011    Prognostic factors of colorectal cancer published in JCO

16.06.2010    Galon J, Fridman H and Ohtani H received the William B. Coley Award